Monday, October 27, 2008

journal question #3

there is a holiday called Tomb-sweeping Day that concerns the dead in china. in that day, we will do several things to grieve over somebody's death. we will pay respects to somebody at his tomb. we will burn some fake money for him and blass him. we also play on the swings especially children. it means hold the rope while moving. we will get spring outing around that day because it is spring. everything of nature can be seen everywhere vibrant scene. before and after Tomb-sweeping Day, we will plant trees because arbor day is very close to it. another thing we can do is to fly a kite. sometimes when people is flying a kite, they will shear the wire that on the kite. let the wind send them to the ends of the earth. it is said that far away from disease and disaster, bring themselves luck. that is all we will do in that day.

journal queston #2

in china, people usually get know each other in the same environment such as study in the school or work in the company, they also introduce their friends to other friends who match each other, and another way is to date people on the interest. i don't think the last way is a good way to make people fall in love because you can't see their face and you don't know their personality. i think interest mess something up, but it is not interest's fault. people do something inmoral, people chat online instead of meeting friends and family, it makes their relationship pretty far from tight. so i think when you are into someone, you should talk to her face to face, tell her your feeling. that is sincere. sincere is very important, don't lie to them who you love. there is a little difference between china and foreign countries especially the U.S and france i would say. chinese people will get know each other in a pretty long time, if they think they match they will make sure thier relationship. however, american and french want to know their feeling or reaction right away, they are fall in love in a short time. that is what i think, and both are good.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

my favourite movie

when i was in china, i watched national movies and foreign films. after i come to carbondale, i mostly watch american movies. i think it is a good way to improve my english skill. my favourite movie is pulp fiction. it is the most famous movie in 1994. it directs by Quentin Jerome Tarantino who is my favourite director. it poses by 6 films which are separate but closely. Aesthetics of violence is his style. i like that black humor.

Monday, September 15, 2008


my favorite type of music is hip-hop music. i like the rhythm and their dress. my favorite singer is 50 cent. he used to be a gangster. he was a drugs seller. he liked rap. he wanted to be a gangster rapper. unfortunately, he got 9 shoot. he was suppose to die, but he didn't. after that, he decided to get out of the gang and to be a rapper. He changed the husky voice. it made his song sad. i know that from his Autobiographical film whose name is get rich or die trying.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my favourite food

My favourite food is Peking Roast Duck. Peking Roast Duck has a long history, it is known as NO.1 food in the world. It is realy tasty and health. It is good food for yonung and old.
The raw materail of Peking Roast Duck is force-feed duck. Because it is filled for a short time, fattening fast, and fresh. It is the best raw material to produce duck. Using fruit tree to bake it very carfully, the furnace temperature should be controled. when is done, people eat it with sweet fermented flour paste,green Chinese onion,and cucumber.
I have missed Peking Roast Duck since i come to Carbondale. If i have a opportunity to go back to China, i must eat it. If you travel to China, you should taste it. After that, you will never forget it.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

the first day i came to Carbondale

when i came here, i felt a little nervous and excited. Mrs. carter picked us up after we got out the train. She took us to the chinese restrautant which was named new kahala. I ate my first chinese food in the U.S. That was not bad. Then she arranged us to live in boom 2.
What a mess room!

Since i came a new place, i looked around everyday. I went to student center and rec center. I saw many native students and international students. I also met chinese. They helped me a lot. Athrough this was a small city, i liked it. i still like it now.

Friday, August 29, 2008

what's up

what's up! brothers